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Increasing cost of living combined with tuition and books can make life hard on a college student. If you’re a student who is finding it hard to make ends meet, you are certainly not alone. The story of “broke college students” is a tale as old as time, but struggling doesn’t have to mean starving. Here are some tips you can keep in mind to save some money during your college years.

Don’t Buy New Books

A lot of professors use the same textbooks for years on end. The cost of a new textbook can be absolutely staggering, but you’re not tethered to the idea of buying a new book. Your college bookstore may have some used book options, but if not, don’t think that you have to pop for a new one. Not only can you check Amazon for used books, but you can rent some books from Barnes and Noble and Chegg. Also, take a good look at iFlipd for digital rentals that are generally a fraction of the cost of a new textbook that you’ll never be able to sell for full value.

Your Student ID is a Lifeline

National brands such as Apple and Adobe offer student discounts for those who can produce a valid student ID. National clothing chains even have student discount programs, and it’s very common for local establishments to offer a reduced cost for people who show a valid student ID at point of sale. You need to treat your student ID card like a driver’s license and never go out without it. If you can save a small percentage everywhere you go, those savings will quickly add up.

Don’t Go Out Too Much

Just because your student ID card can get you a 10% discount at a local restaurant doesn’t mean you have to eat there multiple times a week. It’s entirely possible to frequent a place so often that your discount doesn’t even help anymore because you spend so much. If you have a student meal plan, use that. If you don’t, don’t be afraid to have some affordable groceries on hand to fix yourself something to eat in your dorm or apartment.

You may not be rich while you’re in college, but with these tips in mind, you don’t have to wonder where your next meal is going to come from, and you can even have a few dollars at the end of the month to have some fun.