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When a potential client is seeking an advisor, there are a few different qualities they may look for. Aside from experience level and professional knowledge, one of the main factors clients consider when working with an advisor is how comfortable they are with them. Your clients want to know that they can trust you with their personal and financial information; they want to know that their advisor has their best interest in mind throughout their time together. One of the best ways to do this is by building a strong and long-lasting relationship with each client. Here are a few sure, but easy ways to build deeper client relationships.

Invest in CRM Software 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool that any professional with active clients should use. Sometimes, client portfolios can become large and hard to manage; the more clients you have, the harder it is to remember specific information about them. A good CRM software is a fantastic investment to help you manage all of your clients in an organized and efficient manner. You’ll be able to log current, past, and potential clients, along with any pertinent information about them. 

Get to Know Your Client Personally 

Your clients want to know that you’re taking an active interest in their lives. Get to know each client on a personal level, and pay close attention to detail. Notice their hobbies, interests, and anything they may be passionate about; doing so will make your efforts to communicate much easier. From a finance perspective, knowing your clients well will help you build them a healthy financial plan that will work well with their daily lives. 

Let Them Know You Care 

While newsletters and informative blogs can be engaging, try providing your clients with content that is personalized to their interests and lives. Instead of sending a generic birthday or holiday card, send them something a little more personalized. For example, if a client has made it apparent that they have an interest in travel, consider sending a book on traveling abroad. A small, personalized gift is thoughtful, often unexpected, and can make a lasting impression. 

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